• Carter Zimmermann

    Carter Zimmermann

    80%-Confidence Alpha fork of a famous Gatecrasher.
  • Disaster Factory

    Disaster Factory

    Enjoys a bit of the old ultraviolence now and again.
  • Donut Steel

    Donut Steel

    The Original Character. He's always a palette swap of the coolest person nearby.
  • Edge Case, P.I.

    Edge Case, P.I.

    A former corporate cop with a literal heart of gold.
  • Hammer 34

    Hammer 34

    A prototype FTL starship with the mind of a high-functioning sociopath
  • ICBM Or 100% Compatible

    ICBM Or 100% Compatible

    Military governor of a nuclear-armed colony full of cyborg Rastafarians.
  • Jacob


    A ghost who's all about the money. And the fame.
  • tap.dat


    The first distributed-consciousness sexbot.
  • Titania


    An uploaded eusocial consciousness. Robot bees!